Our Story

The foundations of what would become ZoZoi were lain sometime in 1986- the year that Theo Tagtalianidis bade farewell to his hometown in northern Greece and set off to the United States in pursuit of his passions and in search of new opportunities. A skilled artisan, Theo found demand for his expertise in Kansas City, Missouri, where he proceeded to build a successful business and raise a wonderful family.

Despite his success in his adopted homeland, Theo couldn’t help but feel that an important part of his life in Greece was still missing. One of Theo’s fondest childhood memories was accompanying his mother on her weekly morning trip to the market in Serres- where she would treat him with a warm, flaky, and delicious bougatsa- fresh from the baker’s oven. Bougatsa is adored throughout Greece by children and adults alike, and is typically enjoyed at breakfast, as a dessert, or even as an afternoon snack.

Theo sought a way to share the authentic bougatsa he had so enjoyed as a boy with his family, friends, and guests. However, Theo was unable to recreate the same exquisite aroma, sweet and satisfying flavor, and quality of the bougatsa from Serres. Undeterred, he resolved to go straight to the source- and began importing authentic bougatsa and other popular Greek pastries directly from Serres, Greece to the USA. Thus, ZoZoi was born!

ZoZoi, which means “Live Life” in Greek, was founded in 2015 with the with goal of delivering the most authentic, best tasting, and highest quality Greek products to America, imported directly from Greece. We wish to share a slice of the Greek lifestyle by delivering our authentic bougatsa, striftari, pitas, and other products right to your door.

Live Life, Eat Greek!